Jake Taylor was born in 1988 and lives in Austin, Texas, where he is a passionate collector of all things Final Fantasy, Marvel Comics and Star Wars.  An avid gamer, he enjoys writing video game reviews and recommendations.  But his main focus is his novels, which encompass both Fantasy fiction and Science fiction. As a child of the '90's, his writing style contains elements of anime, with a heavy focus on the characters as well as the action and dialogue. 


Silence In Numbers: File One is the first book in his science fiction series. Set in 2068 Japan, the military has been privatized and it's up to Katsumi Samukara and her special ops team to protect the citizens from supernatural, paranormal and terrorist threats.  This series will encompass 3 novels.


Victis Honor is Jake's epic fantasy fiction series which will encompass 9 or more books. The first novel is Regrets of the Fallen, in which Isabella, a knight, enters into a world unfamiliar to her old ways – one changed by the technological advances of the Ravakan Empire. Guns mix with magic, cars alongside dragons, swords amidst tanks. Skyscrapers rise above old taverns and trains run around markets. 


  "This book is the beginning of something big – something ambitious. And that frightens me a bit, because the amount of things I’ve finished is only a fraction of the amount of things I’ve started. But this time is different, and I can feel it. This is the culmination of seven years of work – the very first book of what I hope will be a very long series.

  "The idea of this series is simple – a consistent world and persisting characters, but focusing on new characters in every book, telling a new story each time; someone else’s story. Eventually it will all come together in something great: an epic storyline with dozens of characters, but where the reader knows and has spent entire books with most of them.

  "I look over literally hundreds of pages of detailed notes and forms, I peruse the massive timeline that spans thousands of years of history, and I hope to God this series becomes something that can stand up to the great fantasy series’ of the past and present. Because if I’m going to write fantasy, I’m going to shoot for the top. And so long as someone remembers my characters years from now, then I’ve succeeded. That’s the best thing I’ve got going for me – no one writes characters better...probably...almost certainly...absolutely certainly.....  Is that arrogance? Well, only one way to find out!"