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"Regrets of the Fallen"

  In the first book of the Victis Honor series, a knight enters into a world unfamiliar to her old ways – one changed by the technological advances of the Ravakan Empire. Guns mix with magic, cars alongside dragons, swords amidst tanks. Skyscrapers rise above old taverns and trains run around markets. But for Isabella of Two Faces, all of this is background noise – because she doesn’t have much time to see it.

  Isabella has spent twenty years believing that she deserves her coming death.  As a powerful knight of both demonic and angelic blood, over the course of two hundred years she brought death to millions, and the guilt and regret is a weight too heavy to carry for long. Until she met Haruka, the beautiful elven monk who saw something else in her, and decided to help her carry that weight – but she brought her own problems with her.

  Now, the knight and the monk race for time, picking up both allies and enemies along the way, while forging a love between them. Pursued by both Isabella’s past and Haruka’s guild of assassins, it’s a struggle for survival – and one that Isabella is going to lose even if they win.



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"Silence In Numbers: File One"

  What determines the value of a secret?

In 2068, the natural progression of the business world has come to its inevitable conclusion: the world has been privatized, from governments to militaries. The benefits are great, with the dissolution of national borders and the rapid advancement of cybernetics – but the true downside of giving total control to corporations has yet to be seen. Secrets, however, are often kept for a reason...

  Katsumi Samakura, an experienced cybernetically-enhanced soldier, deals with these secrets as the leader of SIN Unit 1, a task force based in Tokyo that handles the most violent terrorists and supernatural threats. The only thing that keeps her sane is her sister Ayane, whom she protects at all costs.  But there are worse ghosts than the incorporeal entities she fights, and a dangerous situation with a man who uses humans as living bombs gets worse when the one man Katsumi and Ayane hate most – their father – reappears in sadistic pursuit of an unknown goal.

  Things become even more perilous as a shadowy genius known as Sigma sets into motion a plan centered around a fallen angel that may lead to the end of all life – if the sisters can survive their father, demons and a mysterious illness long enough to even see it…